Best Sites to Buy a League of Legends Account

Sooner or later, many players want to either buy a LoL smurf that they can use to practice new champions and strategies at a low Elo, or experience the game at a high Elo by acquiring a Diamond+ account. In this article, I’ll introduce you to 3 of the best sites where you can buy LoL accounts.

As the domain name suggests, on you will find LoL accounts that are perfect for smurfing. The offers range from $8.99 (30K BE) to $29.99 (100K BE). These are fresh legue accounts that you can use to either practice your least familiar champions or rebuild your LoL profile from scratch, for the sake of better stats.

The LoL smurfs you will find on cover 3 servers: EUW, NA, and EUNE. The service they provide is 100% secure and legit. And this LoL accounts seller goes to great lengths to prove this by offering customers a lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the account you bought, they give you a fresh one. has been in the account selling business for years and their 1500+ reviews from happy customers clearly prove their professionalism. If you’re in need of a LoL smurf account, this is the number 1 site that you should check. It only takes a few minutes to place your order and they offer you instant delivery. is a website that provides account selling services to a wide range of gamers. It covers more than 200 games and as you might imagine, League of Legends is one of them. This place is particularly great when you want to buy a high Elo account. Because the vendors provide you with all kinds of interesting offers. You can compete at the Diamond level, Master level, GrandMaster level, or even Challenger level. Of course, the higher the rank, the higher the cost. But what’s important is the fact that you do get amazing options to choose from.

Usually, people want to skip a few tiers and enjoy a higher level of competitive play where they don’t lose matches because of ridiculous beginner mistakes made by their teammates. If that’s your goal, is probably the best place to buy LoL accounts. is similar to playerauctions, in the sense that it’s a general-purpose website for buying game accounts, items, and much more. With over 5 million clients and 1 million reviews, this site might prove to be useful if you’re trying to find something highly specific.