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Valorant account for sale: basic information

You can buy a Valorant account on our platform. We provide the most innovative and the safest purchasing system. We propose only legal accounts that were upgraded honestly. All payments made for Smurfs are protected by different technologies. For example, the 3-D Secure can protect your payment information. Also our site is based on SSL technology that encrypts all data.
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What is this game. Every Counter-Strike and Overwatch gamer will be glad to play Valorant because it has a similar gameplay. The genre of this game is tactical first-time shooter that you can play with your friends in one team. It consists of 5 people. The main requirement of this game is the existence of 10 players divided into two teams.
What is the main task? Kill all your enemies and detonate a spike in any place that is on the map. The second team has the same goal. The first team who reaches it, wins.

The benefits of purchasing Valorant Smurf account?

If you want to buy Valorant accs, you can use our site. We have a lot of advantages that make us the most attractive team for our customers. Purchasing accounts is a great idea because you will get significantly different experiences. Imagine that you were a weak player and now the virtual world is afraid of you. It is a very strong positive emotion, isn’t you? It doesn’t matter where you live: in Europe or America. You can buy your account and become significantly more powerful. The main advantage of our company is a great reputation. Very often players want to buy accounts from other players. But it isn’t a great idea because you can’t be sure of the reliability of these contragents.
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There are 4 types of agents

Duelists are self-sufficient killers, from whom teammates expect high performance and aggressive play. To achieve this success, they are helped by their skills and abilities

Instigators work out dangerous angles, thus preparing for the capture of the territory by the team and pushing back the defenders.

Control specialists masterfully handle threats on the ground to ensure the team wins.

Guardians are defense experts, able to provide protection for the participants on the battlefield and the flanks in both defense and offense.

Each VALORANT agent has 4 abilities

Signature - which they get for free each round; these abilities are reloaded over time, or (for duelists) when killing two enemies.

Two more are purchased for 100-400 credits at the beginning of the round.

Ultimate - agent can only get it during combat by charging it with certain actions (6-7 points, which can be obtained for killing opponents, killing himself, installing or clearing a Spike, as well as for collecting special spheres on the map)

Do you Offer Ranked VALORANT smurf?

Yes we do. Our shop Valorant smurf offer all the rank range of Valorant accounts from Iron rank to Radiant rank we have it all.

Why buy a VALORANT account if the game is offered for free?

The thing is that in order to get into the rating games, you need to spend a lot of time and effort, and to get an interesting rank even more. It's boring and uninteresting. We offer an account that already has access to ratings, as well as to the rank you are interested in.

There are these reasons why we recommend you to buy accounts from us:

All accounts that we offer are fully functional. All features of the game are available for you. For example, you can build the fort and upgrade it. Also you can collect different objects and weapons that make you stronger. Every player can say how important full access is.
Fast. We offer instant delivery for you. We give you an account immediately. Also the buyer gets all instructions on how to use this account without any problems. This instruction consists of many points such as passwords, keys and other.
Availability for many countries. You can buy Valorant account (EU and US).
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Our Valorant account shop sells only ranked ready accounts. Silver and gold accounts are prepared for you. All you need is to buy them. Accounts purchased at our store have a lifetime warranty.

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