What is a RANDOM Account?
A RANDOM Account is an account that comes with random costume skins and random pickaxe skins. We have different types of RANDOM Account, each different package guarantees a minimum of skins (the higher the price, the more skins are guaranteed as a minimum)
What skins do the RANDOM Account have?
Our RANDOM Account come with 100% random costumes. Some of the costumes in our RANDOM Fortnite Accounts include Christmas costumes such as Ginger Gunner or Merry Marauder, Halloween costumes such as Ghoul Trooper or Skull Trooper, Seasonal costumes such as The Reaper (John Wick), etc. It is all 100% random and those are just some examples of potential costumes that you could get. The rarer the costume, the less chance you are of getting it.
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